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Quests are divided by those intended to be completed by non-lords, those below level 30, and lords and ladies.

Quest Type
Oracle of the Newbie Park Non-lord
Beer to Bum Non-lord
The Island of Desolation Non-lord
The Maze Under Well Non-lord
Black Knight Does Not Say 'Ni!' Non-lord
This Quest Stinks Non-lord
The Adventurer's Contest Non-lord
Eat at Joe's Non-lord
The Orc Slayer Non-lord
Son of Amos the Bold Non-lord
The Sampo Quest Non-lord
Quest for the Holy Grail Non-lord
The Bone Dragon Non-lord
The Kitiara's Mansion Non-lord
The Putrid Purple Pederast Non-lord
The Sunken Treasure Quest Non-lord
Magic 8 ball Non-lord
The Maze of Fame Non-lord
Polar Express Non-lord
The Hidden Llorozorokarak Non-lord
The Spirit of the East Forest Non-lord
Zillgod is very very angry! Non-lord
The Pirate Quest Non-lord
The Conquest of Pohjola Non-lord
My Breath is Like Fire? So SUE me! Non-lord
The Treasure of the East Forest Non-lord
The Silver Ring Non-lord
The Great Golem Lord
The Hill Giants Lord
Margaret's Holy Quest Lord
The UFO Quest Lord
The Tomb of Orchinie Lord
Gargamel Lord
The Holy Handgrenade of Antioch Lord
The Sunken Temple Lord
The Ogre Slayer Lord
Hogor the Terrible Conquerer Lord
Quest for the Silmarils Lord
The Quest of Yngrak Lord
The Quest of Asahi Lord
The Pygmy Quest Lord
The Quest of Immortality Lord

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