Zillgod is very very angry!

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To appease Zillgod's wrath, embark on a treasure hunt across StickMUD for various magical items.

  1. Kantele: Head to Vainamoinen's location to defeat him and take the kantele. The general direction from the clearing is north (5n), then east (2w), then north again (2n), leading to a confrontation.
  2. Fortune Amulet: Defeat a hobbit in his home for the amulet. Start from Oak and navigate through the town to reach the hobbit's location.
  3. Golden Apple and Mask: Find the golden apple by climbing a tree after defeating an elf, and obtain the golden mask from a guarded location requiring clever navigation and interaction.
  4. Unicorn Hooves: With the kantele in your possession, enchant and defeat a unicorn to collect its hooves.
  5. Completion: Bring all items to a specified location, perform the ritual (dropping the egg, then sacrificing it), and thus complete your quest to calm Zillgod.