The Quest of Yngrak

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Your adventure begins by seeking a mystical pond within Yngrak, but first, ensure you're equipped with three crucial ingredients: a jojojopo plant, a mushroom, and belladonna root powder. Follow this detailed guide to navigate through the challenges and emerge victorious.

Gathering Ingredients

  • Jojojopo Plant: Available at the herbalist, integral for a vital potion.
  • Mushroom: Located by the oak. Traverse 5w, n, e from the oak to find it.
  • Belladonna Root Powder: From the oak, journey enter oak, d, 3n, 4e, n and purchase it for 2000 gold coins with buy 1.

Embarking on the Quest

  • Starting Point: Initiate your quest by delving into Yngrak, starting from the well: well, d, enter gate, ne, ne, max north, e, ne, max north, 30w, 4s, 7e, d, 3s, e, 2s, 3e, 2n, 2e, 3n, 3e, 5s, 2w, n.
  • Upon locating the pond, look at the pond to kickstart your journey.

Crafting the Potion & Retrieving the Orbs

  • In the mystical room, gather stone from hand and invoke "ryuon nylith awaken".
  • Interact with Nylith: Learn her story and offer your assistance.
  • Prepare the Potion: After receiving the bottle and amulet of protection from evil, don the amulet instantly for essential protection. Incorporate the plant, mushroom, and powder into the bottle, then mix it to brew a potent potion.
  • Yellow Orb: Navigate to s, 2e, 5n, 3w, 2s, engage the mechanism with "stick thumb in divet", then e, take yellow orb, and return w, s, 2w, 2s, 3w. Here, trace pattern, utter "npoe odro", then head w, take orb, and combine orbs.

Liberation and Final Showdown

  • Upon receiving Blerth's instructions, embark on a mission to locate the correct room on the second floor. The challenge lies in identifying the room with the specific stone arrangement Blerth described.
  • Rooms to Explore: From the stairwell, navigate through potential rooms: 1) s, 2e, 2n; 2) 5w, n; 3) 5w, 2n; 4) 5w, 3n; 5) 2w, 5n, e, n, 2e, 3s; 6) 2w, 5n, e, n, 2e, 4s.
  • Locate the room and "twist stone x,y" using Blerth's coordinates. Combat the pocket monster that appears, securing the key and optional ring.
  • Free Blerth: Navigate back to Blerth, ensuring you have the blue orb and the amulet of protection from evil. Use the key to free him and show him the amulet.
  • Defeating Pytain: Armed with the key, confront and defeat Pytain. This battle is challenging, requiring full preparation.
  • Completing the Quest: Hand over Pytain's amulet and the potion to Blerth. Await his actions to reawaken the dwarves of Yngrak, marking the successful conclusion of your quest.