The Great Golem

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A daring adventure to confront the Great Golem and disrupt its creation by employing a unique strategy and wit.

  • Acquiring Essential Items: Start by gathering cow dung, a seemingly mundane but crucial item for this quest. Navigate from the oak to 5w, north (n), then east (e), and proceed 2n to find the dung.
  • Beginning the Quest: With dung in hand, make your way from the well heading 3e, 4s, then east (e). Here, you'll engage in a peculiar ritual involving the altar and the cow dung to provoke Skert, a guardian of the Golem.
  • Confrontation and Riddles: After the provocation, you'll be teleported for a confrontation with Death itself. Death poses a series of riddles, the answers to which are critical for your survival and progression in the quest. The answers include affirmations, your name, and responses to classic riddles with a twist.
  • Final Showdown: Solving Death's riddles correctly leads you to the Abyss, where you'll face the Golem's components in battle. Destroying each part in sequence ultimately defeats the Golem, concluding the quest with your triumphant return to the land of the living.