Son of Amos the Bold

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Amos the Bold asks for your help to collect four items that belonged to his son. Each item has the initials L.B. inscribed on it.

  • Initiating the Quest: From the well, your journey begins by heading 3w, 5n, w. Knock on the west door (knock west door) and wait for it to open. Speak to Amos about his son (ask amos about his son). Amos will invite you inside and share a story, asking for your help to find four items: a helmet, a necklace, a pair of gloves, and a ring.
  • Finding the Items:
    • Helmet: Head east from Amos, then 5s, 6w, and 5n, swim to reach a hole. Go through the hole, where you might encounter a crocodile (you can choose to kill it or not). Find and retrieve the helmet here.
    • Necklace: The necklace is located in the zoo. Roam the zoo using the command 10 search to find it, typically in the savannah area but its location may vary.
    • Ring: Similarly, explore the swamp area within the zoo with 10 search to discover the ring.
    • Gloves: Locate and eliminate Goblins within the zoo; one of them will possess the gloves you need.
  • Returning the Items: Ensure all items have L.B.'s initials. Return to Amos and give him the collected items to complete your quest.