Hogor the Terrible Conquerer

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Embark on a quest of strategy and perseverance as you aid Hogor the Terrible in his conquest of the player castles across the Mud. This quest demands a keen sense of exploration and combat, as you'll need to locate and claim sceptres from throne rooms within each castle.

Starting the Quest

  • Initial Steps: Begin your quest at the Oak. Move s, w to find Hogor. Interact with him (ask hogor about quest) to learn about your mission to collect sceptres from 12 player castles.

Collecting the Sceptres

You are tasked with a grand adventure to traverse across the Mud and conquer throne rooms in various castles. Here's how to approach each one:

  • Balfour's Castle: Start from the clearing and proceed 2w, 2s, e, s until you reach the drawbridge, signaling the castle's entrance.
  • Samsuurin's Castle: At the oak, navigate 6w, 2n, u. Engage with the environment by pull lever and await the completion of a unique fake death script.
  • Slade's Castle: From the well, travel all e, n, w, enter the cave, and use dest 2 to navigate further. Continue with 5w, 2n, e, clearing, n to reach the throne room.
  • Echtelion's Castle: Begin at the well and follow 10s, w, s, 2w, s, 3w, s, w, s, 3w, 7n, w, se, s to find the castle.
  • Sirk's Castle: The path from the well is 10s, w, s, 2w, s, 2w, leading directly to the castle's vicinity.
  • Rancor's Castle: Similar to other castles, start from the well and go 10s, w, s, 2w, s, 3w, s, w, s, 3w to locate the castle.
  • Wolfen's Castle: From the oak, your journey is 3s, e, 4n. Search the area and turn handle, then proceed downwards.
  • Bull's Castle: A straightforward route from the oak, 10e, 2n, will get you to Bull's Castle.
  • Suldrun's Castle: Starting from the well, the path is 10s, w, s, 2w, s, 3w, s, w, s, 15w, 9n, 5e, n. Use the command say montre moi la verite and 10 search flowers when prompted by the peculiar behavior of the flowers.
  • Zeus's Castle: Located by moving from the clearing 5n, 2e, s.
  • Karr's Castle: If you're starting from Asahi, head 5w, s, w.
  • Lordius's Castle: Begin your journey at the oak and proceed 3w, n.
  • Saukender's Castle: Starting from Ered-Mithrin, the route is 9w, s.

Conquering Throne Rooms

In each castle, navigate to the throne room. The challenge varies by location but generally involves searching the castle and overcoming any guardians. Once in the throne room, sit throne to symbolize your conquest and then take sceptre.

Completing the Quest

After acquiring 12 sceptres, return to Hogor. You can choose to give them to him as you collect them or all at once. Upon handing over the 12th sceptre, the quest is marked complete, and you'll have aided Hogor in his quest for dominance.