The Sampo Quest

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To start the Sampo Quest, you'll need 15,000 gold coins and an axe. The journey includes acquiring key items and ultimately creating the Sampo.

  • Gathering Initial Items:
    • Axe: Head to the oak and then move 5e, enter an inn, go north, then 5w, and north again. Listen, then kill the lumberjack to take his axe.
    • Beer and Bottle: Return to the well, move southwest, then south, to buy beer. Drink it to have an empty bottle for later use.
    • Stick: The stick can usually be found on the west road. If not there, it might be available in the common shop or from the mage guild.
  • Finding the Components:
    • Arrowhead: From the clearing, head 5n, 2w, 2n, 2w, north, and search to find an arrowhead.
    • Kernel: Move south, east, south, then 4e to a huge pile of grain and get kernel 4285589.
    • Milk: Go west, north, milk a cow to fill your bottle with milk.
    • Rod: Head south, 5w, north, northeast, and 4e (or until you find a juniper tree). Chop the tree to get a rod.
  • Traveling to Pohjola: Give 5000 coins to Tiera to sail to Pohjola. Upon arrival, move 4e, north, kill the drunk soldier, take the key, and proceed south, west, down, unlock and open the door, descend twice (kill the rotting zombie), then south to make a bow and arrow. Shoot the swan and collect the black feather that floats to the shore.
  • Final Steps: Return to the clearing and head 5n, 2w, 2n, 3e, north, east, and give the collected items to Ilmarinen along with the required coins to prepare the Sampo. Retrieve the Sampo, travel back to Pohjola, and give it to Louhi to complete the quest.