The Ogre Slayer

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Embark on a heroic journey to defeat the formidable Ogre Mage and prove your might as the legendary Ogre Slayer. This quest will take you deep into the heart of ogre territory, testing your combat skills and perseverance.

Starting Point

  • Location: Begin your quest at the well in the central town.

Directions to the Ogre Valley

  1. Travel 11e, 2n, 2ne to reach the outskirts of the Ogre Valley.
  2. Continue deeper into the valley with 12n, 12w, 2nw.
  3. Navigate through the rugged terrain 3n, ne, se, 2e, n, 2e.
  4. Engage in battle with 3s (kill 5 ogre guards).
  5. Locate and defeat the Ogre Mage in the west (w), then kill ogre mage.
  6. After the battle, get sword as proof of your victory.

Return to Town and Enhancements

  1. Make your way back to town and head to Leo's location by following Well, 2n, ’ring bell’, w, d, e.
  2. Upon arrival, give sword to Leo to temporarily relinquish your trophy.
  3. Visit the weapon shop to sharpen the sword for the battles ahead Well, 4w, s, 'sharpen sword'.

Additional Quest Objectives

  1. Seek out seawater trolls along the beach 11e, 2n, 2ne, 3n for a crucial item, A pearl.
  2. Hunt for the titan roaming the Ogre Valley 11e, 2n, 2ne, 12n, 12w, 3nw to obtain the bonecrusher hammer.
  3. Find the anvil in the cave with the two-headed troll 11e, 2n, 2ne, 12n, 12w, 2nw, 14w, 3n, 4w, 2n, w. Here, you'll need to use the bonecrusher hammer to straigthen sword on the anvil.

Crafting the Legendary Sword

  • With the pearl and the sharpened sword, you'll enhance the weapon by mount pearl in sword, imbuing it with the power to lead and protect.

Guiding the Boy

  1. Find the boy near the two-headed troll's cave. Give him the note give note to boy and the enhanced sword give sword to boy.
  2. Ensure the boy follows you back to Leo without getting lost or engaging in unnecessary battles. This may require patience and careful navigation to avoid ogres.

Completing the Quest

  • Lead the boy to Leo's location without haste to ensure he keeps up. Follow the precise path back to Leo, making sure the boy enters the room with you for the quest to be recognized as completed.