The Quest of Asahi

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Starting the Quest

  • Initiate at Asahi: Head to Asahi and find Usagi by moving 9w from the starting point. Ask Usagi about quest to get your instructions.
  • Key from Dakabo: Acquire a key from Dakabo, From Asahi, move 10w, 8n, e, u, 2w, confront Dakabo, kill dakabo, take key.

Gathering the Chop and Excessus

  • Unlock North Door: Use the key on the north door e, unlock and open the north door, then proceed n, u. Here, face a lesser demon, kill lesser demon, take demonic key.
  • Meeting with Kirigi: Navigate back to the city, then to Kirigi's location, ask Kirigi about quest to receive the chop. The sequence is: d, s, e, d, w, 8s, 5e, 2s, e, n, 4e, in, search, d, 2s, e, 2s.
  • Delivering the Chop: Return to the wizard by reversing your path, give chop to the wizard. He then requests Excessus, the sword of Destiny.

Acquiring Excessus and the Fire gem

  • Defeat Nemesis: To find Excessus, face Nemesis following d, n, 7e, 6n, 8u, s, 2e then kill Nemesis and get Excessus.
  • Confronting the Balrog: Next, seek out the Balrog for a huge ruby, following the route provided. After defeating the Balrog, get the huge ruby.
  • Powering Up Excessus: With the sword and ruby in hand, kill Daimyo to get another key, then defeat Doctor Makoi for his stethoscope. Use it on a safe to acquire a gem, then strike mirror with gem to power up Excessus.
  • Final Touches with Excessus: Return to the wizard with the gem, give gem and Excessus to the wizard, then wait for him to enhance the sword.

Resolving Dakabo's Task

  • Checking on Dakabo: With the other tasks completed, revisit Dakabo, hoping for his respawn. Ask Dakabo about rift, and he'll request a dragon's scale.
  • Collecting Dragon's Scale: Gather scales by trading with the dragon, providing the diamond, emerald, and ruby. Give scale to Dakabo once obtained.
  • Potion Task: Dakabo will hand you a potion for the mightiest carnivore's corpse. After taking the potion, navigate to the carnivore, use the potion on its corpse, and retrieve the fine yellow powder.
  • Completing Dakabo's Request: Return to Dakabo with the powder, give powder to Dakabo, then take and wear the amulet, and wield Excessus.

Final Showdown

  • Prepare for the final battle against Ekibyogami, the quest's formidable boss. The journey involves navigating back through Asahi and confronting the necromancer to access the rift leading to Ekibyogami.
  • Defeat Ekibyogami: In the climactic battle, employ all your skills and the power of Excessus to defeat Ekibyogami and save Asahi.