The Pygmy Quest

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Starting Your Journey

  • Begin at the clearing and follow these directions to reach the maze entrance: 5n, w, n, u, ne, n, d, se, 2e, se, 9e, ne, 5n, 3e. Prepare yourself for the maze's challenges and the shamans you'll encounter.

Navigating the Maze

  • The maze operates on a grid system, similar to a crossword puzzle, with tunnels that run either EAST-WEST or NORTH-SOUTH. The key to navigating through is altering the tunnel directions by interacting with shamans.
  • Initial Maze Entrance: Upon entering, assess the tunnel's direction. If it's not running NORTH-SOUTH, you'll need to adjust it by engaging with a shaman present in the entrance room.

Altering the Maze's Pathways

  • Follow the specific sequence to traverse and manipulate the maze's layout effectively:
    • From the maze entrance: 6s, KILL A SHAMAN, to change the tunnel direction.
    • Proceed with: 2e, KILL A SHAMAN, followed by 1s, KILL A SHAMAN.
    • Continue altering the maze: 2e, KILL A SHAMAN, then 3n, KILL A SHAMAN, and finally 4e, KILL A SHAMAN.
  • Confront the Boss Mob: After adjusting the maze and reaching the designated spot, confront and kill the boss mob. Upon his defeat, he will drop an essential item, the stone.

Returning the Stone

  • With the stone in your possession, retrace your steps back to the clearing and to the chief of the Pygmy village to complete your quest. The return path is 5n, w, n, u, ne, n, d, se, 2e, se, 9e, ne, all n. Once there, give the stone to the chief as proof of your triumph.

Quest Completion

Successfully navigating the maze, defeating the shamans to alter your path, and overcoming the boss mob highlight your skills and bravery. Returning the stone to the chief not only cements your status as a hero but also strengthens the bond between you and the Pygmy village.