My Breath is Like Fire? So SUE me!

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This quest requires obtaining a special item called the Firebreather and using it to accomplish a unique task in the Small Underground Empire:

  • Obtaining the Firebreather: Begin at the well and proceed southwest (sw), then south (s) to purchase the Firebreather for 600 gold coins.
  • Journey to Use the Firebreather: With the Firebreather in your possession, navigate to the hole by going from the oak, heading 5e, entering the hole, then proceeding south (s), east (e), 2n, west (w), taking a rusty key, going east (e), 2s, then west (w) twice, heading south (s), west (w), unlocking and opening the grate, going south (s), west (w), 2s, east (e), north (n), descending (d), then moving east (e) four times, south (s) four times, where you'll confront and defeat a skilled opponent to obtain a crucial scroll.
  • Completing the Quest: After acquiring the scroll, recite it to be taken to a maze. Navigate the maze with the directions provided in the quest document, finally giving the Firebreather to the Adventurer as the culmination of this quest.