The UFO Quest

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Intrigue and extraterrestrial technology collide in this quest, requiring precise actions to uncover and complete.

  • Locate the Sheriff: Start from the well, heading 10s, then w, s, 2w, and finally 8s. Engage and defeat the Sheriff to acquire the coconuts, key to your next step.
  • Access the UFO: With coconuts in your inventory, navigate east (e), south (s), east (e), to find and defeat the armourer within the circle, taking his key. Use this key to unlock the gate (n, w, 'open gate'), proceed south (s), 'unlock door', 'open door', moving south (s) to 'search rug', uncovering a small key for the cupboard.
  • Inside the UFO: After entering the cupboard ('enter cupboard', 'close cupboard', 'push button'), you'll fall into the UFO's interior. Head south (s), east (s), then south (s) again, using the coconuts ('bang coconuts') as a signal to open the final door leading to the Player Killer.
  • Completing the Quest: Defeat the Player Killer, seize the Bag of Loot, and prepare for extraction. Summoning help or teleporting are your best exit strategies. Return the Bag of Loot to its rightful owner near the well, completing the quest.