The Silver Ring

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A quest that tests your puzzle-solving skills and navigation through a dynamically changing maze, leading to the acquisition of a precious silver ring.

  • Initiating the Quest: The adventure starts similarly to the quest for The Hidden Llorozorokarak, with the journey beginning from the clearing, heading 5n, east (e), continuing 2ne, then 2n, and ascending 2u (up) to challenge Kraken.
  • Venturing into Graah’s Very Easy Maze: After defeating Kraken, swim north (n) and then southeast (se) until you encounter a downward exit that marks the beginning of Graah's Maze. It is crucial to go up after every direction attempted. If you remain in the maze, it indicates the correct path.
  • Solving the Riddle and Completing the Quest: Upon exiting the maze, you'll find yourself in the Riddle Room. Here, you must decipher a code from a plaque that rearranges sentences in different orders every reboot. The last three words of the text, once deciphered, act as the passphrase through the three gates, leading you to the silver ring.