Magic 8 ball

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This mystical quest involves gathering a magic 8 ball, a unique item with rumored predictive powers. The journey begins from the well and incorporates several challenges:

  • Route to the Magic 8 Ball: From the well, head 9w, 2s, e, then confront and defeat the guard. Enter the circle and proceed 3e to find the gardener. After defeating the gardener, take the clippers, then move 2n, e, use the clippers to cut through the north hedge, proceed 4n, e, then 3s, 4e, 4s, 6w to confront and defeat Jack. Take the axe from Jack, then navigate 6e, n, use the axe to chop down the door, proceed 2w, and 'search box' to find the magic 8 ball.
  • Returning the Magic 8 Ball: Once you have obtained the magic 8 ball, retrace your steps 2e, 3n, 4w, 3n, w, 4s, w, 2s, 2e, s, push the book to reveal a secret passage, enter east (e), and 'give ball to Miles' to complete the quest.