The Sunken Treasure Quest

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An adventurous quest that requires a boat to uncover a treasure hidden deep within the sea. This quest emphasizes exploration and navigation:

  • Preparation: Make sure you have a boat, as it's essential for reaching the treasure location. Equip yourself with minimal gear since you cannot easily return and may lose equipment.
  • Finding the Treasure: Start from the well and proceed 12e, southeast (se), then 2w. Read the treasure map to obtain coordinates. Use the 'sextant' command on your boat to navigate towards these coordinates. When close, 'jump overboard' and 'swim down' to reach the treasure.
  • The Treasure Location: One known location is near the shipwreck of The Cromwell, around 0 degrees 8'54"N, 0 degrees 8'28"W. This location might change, so rely on the coordinates given in the quest.
  • Completion: Upon finding the treasure chest at the bottom, open it to claim your rewards and complete the quest.