The Adventurer's Contest

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This quest tests your knowledge of StickMUD trivia and requires precise answers to a series of questions. Begin your journey at the well in the town center.

  • Starting Point: At the well, move entirely to the east (use the command e repeatedly), then head north (n), and finally west (w). You're looking for a cave entrance, indicated by the prompt to enter cave. Upon entering, you'll encounter a destination marker; choose dest 2.
  • Route to the Contest: From here, navigate 11w, 2n, w, and enter local, signaling your entry into the contest area.
  • Answering the Questions: You'll be asked a series of questions. Here are the responses you must provide, noting that the answers are case-sensitive:
    • Enter your character's capitalized name as it appears in-game.
    • Freel
    • language
    • dead
    • Emilia
    • The keep of gods