The Sunken Temple

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Embark on an underwater quest to explore the enigmatic Sunken Temple, a journey filled with challenges and discoveries. Ensure you're prepared for an adventure where summoning and equipment destruction (eq desting) are significant factors. It's advised not to bring any valuable equipment with you.


  • Before diving into the quest, consider getting satiated to save time. Visit the baker for a tin or consume some available corpses to fill your stomach. This preparation step is crucial for enduring the quest's demands, especially for races with larger appetites like trolls or ogres.

Starting the Quest

  • From the clearing, initiate your journey with the following sequence: 2s, 2e, 2s, 2w, n, 2w, 10s, se, 2sw, s, sw. Your goal is to find and defeat either Moonfrost or Sunburn, guardians of the path forward.

The Quest's Heart

  • After defeating the guardians, proceed 7s, 9w, 7s, and enter the mysterious location. Here, sit to engage with the environment, then get plate, and utilize your imagination to conjure food by thinking imagine food. Take the food from the plate and consume it. Repeat this process until you're fully satiated, indicated by "Your stomach is too full to eat that now."
  • Stand up by typing stand and prepare to delve deeper into the quest by entering relax. Be aware, this part of the quest puts you in a script that isolates you from other players, heightening the challenge.

Advancing Through Challenges

  • As you navigate through this script, your primary adversaries will be gray oozes. Engage and eliminate them while avoiding any slimes, which must not be killed. Your journey continues with a complex path involving directions like 3s, 2e, ne, nw, 2w. You will encounter a daemon corpse where you must get ring and wear all for protection against acid in this perilous zone.

Collecting Essential Items

  • Your quest involves collecting various items like eggs, chips, and different slime colors (orange, black, pink, yellow, green, red, and blue). Each item found brings you closer to your goal, with commands like scoop slime and pour slime in jar being crucial for success.
  • An intricate part of the quest requires you to use a hook and rope to navigate through a secret passage and collect essential items from various creatures and locations.
  • With the jar filled with all the required slimes, return to the chef, providing the collected ingredients for him to prepare a bowl of excellent stew, marking the quest's completion.

Concluding the Quest

  • The chef provides the secret words - "shazam alkaqazam". Use these words (say shazam alkaqazam) to transport yourself out of the area, successfully concluding the Sunken Temple quest.