The Hidden Llorozorokarak

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This quest leads you to a secretive area governed by the fearsome Kraken and Dark Elf Guards.

  1. Approach Kraken: From the clearing, proceed north (5n), east (e), then follow the path northeast (2ne), go north (2n), and climb up twice (2u).
  2. Engage Kraken: In this vicinity, locate and defeat Kraken. After the battle, swim north (n) to continue your quest.
  3. Navigate to Llorozorokarak: The exact path may vary due to dynamic elements, but aim east-northeast (ENE) from your current location. You're seeking the gates guarded by 3 Dark Elf Guards.
  4. Enter Llorozorokarak: Defeat the guards and head northeast (ne) into the domain.
  5. Exit Strategy: For a safe exit without quitting, especially if carrying valuable items, extend your journey 2ne, then east (e). Confront 3 more guards, defeat them, and proceed east (e) to find a throne. Sitting on it makes the nearby cellar a summonable location for an easier escape.