Margaret's Holy Quest

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A divine mission that requires you to assist Margaret, a celestial warrior, in her quest to slay a dragon and secure a sacred relic.

  • Gathering the Key and Gold Bar: Your journey begins in the clearing, proceeding 9n, then descending twice (2d) and heading 3e, 3n, and finally 2e. Here, you'll face a black baby dragon whose defeat yields a key and a gold bar, essential for the quest.
  • Crafting the Divine Spear: With the key and gold bar in hand, return to the clearing and traverse towards Margaret's location, where you'll commission a divine spear, the only weapon capable of harming the Illudium dragon.
  • The Confrontation: Upon receiving the spear, follow Margaret into the dragon's lair, ensuring you enter before her to avoid drawing the dragon's aggression. Witness the epic battle where Margaret, armed with the spear you provided, vanquishes the dragon, completing the quest with divine grace.