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Trolls are sinewy, large omnivores with green skin and black porcine hair growing all over their body. They also tend to have many warts covering their scale like skin. Trolls are the largest race yet discovered, and have enormous strength. They also tend to have a nasty disposition and must be chopped into little bits before they will be kind enough to die. Trolls are extremely sensitive to light, being blinded under even weak sunlight. Trolls heal rather fast, and are immune to almost all diseases.


This category does not really apply to trolls. Let's just say they are big, dumb, and will bash you if you say anything too intellectual. The use of magic never really crossed the few thoughts they have.


Trolls are a clannish lot, preferring to converse only with their own kind. They do not appear on a general who list, and have a hard time communicating with hominid races.


Trolls are extremely dumb, being unable to wield any complicated weapon. They are very adept with blunt weapons however, and are much stronger than any other race. Trolls large size prevents them from wearing most body armour, but their naturally scaly skin acts as armour for them. Trolls have voracious appetites and will eat almost anything they can fit in their mouths. Trolls have even been observed to devour corpses of slain victims during a fight.

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