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stats - Display character statistics.


Four statistics (stats) describe the mental/physical existence of player characters.

  • Strength: Force and capacity.
  • Dexterity: Agility and responsiveness.
  • Constitution: Health and resistance.
  • Intelligence: Mental prowess and smarts.

Descriptions for the statistics from worst to best are:

  • Strength: scrawny, undeveloped, puny, weak, muscled, strong, giant-like, titan-like, titanic, herculean
  • Dexterity: sloth-like, unresponsive, slow, clumsy, agile, dextrous, fast, quick, nimble, rapid
  • Constitution: meek, sickly, unhealthy, frail, healthy, vigorous, resistant, invigorated, pumped, buff
  • Intelligence: peonic, moronic, stupid, dumb, smart, clever, intelligent, ingenious, visionary, omniscient

Statistics may show with a + or - value if they have been affected by blessings, curses, and other wonderments of this world.

Command Description
stats Display amounts for character statistics.
stats <player> Display amounts for <player> statistics. Coders only.


> stats
Filth [133 GOB THF]:
   Constitution:   52/  99 (-3) Rather pumped
   Intelligence:   92/  88 (+4) More than extremely omniscient
      Dexterity:  157/ 154 (+3) More than extremely rapid
       Strength:  102/  99 (+3) More than extremely herculean

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