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Tieflings are humanoids with infernal heritage, often characterized by their unique physical traits. They possess horns protruding from their foreheads, varying in shape and size, and their skin tone ranges from deep red to purple or blue. Their eyes can be solid orbs of vibrant colors, and they have sharp teeth and occasionally a forked tail. These distinctive features serve as constant reminders of their fiendish lineage.


Tieflings' mental attributes are as diverse as their physical appearances. Due to their infernal bloodline, tieflings often struggle with internal conflicts, battling their innate fiendish nature and striving to find their own identity. They possess strong willpower, resilience, and adaptability, honed from generations of dealing with prejudice and mistrust from other races. Many tieflings develop cunning intellects and a talent for manipulation, while others channel their internal struggles into creativity or a thirst for knowledge.


Tiefling culture is not homogeneous, as their societies are often fragmented and dispersed. Their history is rooted in their fiendish origins, with tieflings often facing discrimination and suspicion due to their infernal heritage. Consequently, tieflings tend to rely on individualism and self-reliance, cultivating personal strength and adaptability. Some tieflings may embrace their demonic lineage and pursue power, while others reject it and strive for redemption or integration within other societies. They often form close-knit communities with fellow tieflings, creating a support network where they can share experiences and provide solace.


Tieflings possess a range of attributes that make them formidable individuals. Their infernal ancestry grants them innate magical abilities, often linked to darkness, fire, or charm. These spell-like powers can aid them in combat or daily life. Tieflings' natural resistance to fire and heat gives them an advantage in fiery environments. Their unique appearance, though sometimes a cause for unease among other races, can be used to intimidate or manipulate.

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