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Giants are among the largest of all known adventuring races, rivaling even ogres and trolls in physical stature. While giants are indeed massive, they are neither as strong nor as powerful as one would expect, but they do possess a certain deceptive quickness that belies their great size.


Giants are not as dumb as ogres and trolls, but not by much. They are known to be easily tricked by others and are often oblivious to legerdemain even while expecting to see some sort of shenanigans. They tire quickly when concentrating or after mental exertion. Needless to say, giant spell casters are almost unheard of.


Giants tend to be shy and introverted, and often live exclusively within clans of other giants. They have been known to accidentally step on other non-giant races. They can easily communicate with other races, but seem reluctant to do so.


Giants will use any weapons or armor that they can get their hands on. Some giants have devoted their careers to become talented smiths, capable of forging arms and armor. They have normal daylight vision, and heal quickly from physical stress. Giants are not known to devour corpses, but that have been observed stomping fallen enemies into the ground.

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