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Ogres are physically very strong and tough, only second to trolls. They heal rather fast, and are not limited to dwell in the darkest places known to mankind (or ogrekind). Quite the opposite, ogres depend on the light of day for their everyday activities. Since ogres are not scaly or sinewy like the trolls, they can wear armours with more ease.


While the ogres are not the brightest creatures to have graced the ground they walk on, they are not quite as stupid as their darker cousins, the trolls. While this makes them a bit more cut out for magic use, they are by far not the best suited race for any kind of magic.


Ogres tend to be loners. Not many ogres choose the life of adventuring, but those who do, tend to be friendly enough to converse with members of the other races when needed.


Unlike trolls, ogres are smart enough to wield all weapons, not just simple bludgeoning ones. They can also wear most body armor, and by all means should, because they don't quite have the same kind of tough skin as trolls have. They can devour corpses of their fallen foes, but are not quite savage or brutal enough to do that while engaged to combat.

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