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The result of perverse interbreeding between humans and orcs, half-orcs retain many of the best (or worst) qualities of both species. Half-orcs are very powerful creatures, with great strength and moderate speed. They are generally healthy, although do fall prey to several common diseases. They can see in the dark to some extent. Half-orcs are considered unattractive by most other races, but they do occasionally practice some form of personal hygiene. Half-orcs do heal quickly, although any mental effort tires them considerably.


Half-orcs did inherit about half the intelligence of their human ancestors. They are marginal magic users, but better than the other goblinoids. Half-orcs are capable of learning to use the most complicated weapons if given enough time to practice.


Half-orcs have retained the tribe system of their orcish relatives, and are able to speak in the orcish tongue. They do associate with other races, and have become civilized to the point of living in houses and towns. Half-orcs have a deep rooted racial hatred of the elves.


Half-orcs are not very dexterous, and are somewhat slow intellectually. They can carry rather large loads due to their strength. They have a custom of devouring the corpses of their slain enemies after battle, but are at least civilized enough to wait until the fight is over, unlike trolls. Half-orcs are tough fighters who can take a great deal of damage and still fight.

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