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Goblins are, as their name implies, a goblinoid race that actually started the whole "goblinoid thing". Compared to other goblinoids, they are considered runts, but they are by no means weak. Even though they are somewhat smaller than humans, their physical prowess is only slightly lower, and they are extremely quick and agile, only second to hobbits.


For a goblinoid race, goblins are actually rather smart. This, however, does not mean they would be exceptionally intelligent compared to humans or fey races. They are usually not cut out to be powerful wielders of the arcane powers, but are smart enough to have dumber goblinoids do their bidding, even if they lack the physical strength to boss them around by force.


Goblins are somewhat tribal, but organized as a whole. They have close-knitted tribes and clans, out of which elders are chosen to form a council to rule the goblin lands. They often seem more savage and brutal than they actually are, because many often wear war masks, paint themselves, or sharpen their teeth to look more ferocious.


Goblins are extremely quick and agile, making them good thieves and ninjas. Their adequate physical prowess grants them ability to hold their own in melee combat, and their moderate intelligence gives them somewhat better edge in situations where common sense counts as much as brute strength.

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