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Orcs, also known as uruks, are easily distinguished from other humanoids. Their skin tends to be rough and scaly, and appears in various skin tones that are typically grayish, yellowish, or greenish. Orcs are larger and much stronger than humans and usually have a lack of head and body hair, except for vestigial eyebrows. Many orcs have sloping foreheads and prognathous jaws, but some others can almost pass for human given some darkness for concealment.


Few races are dumber than an orc. The former sage of Tristeza Horace Fnord writes in his Ecologies of the Races of the World, Volume XII that "a bag of hammers might just be smarter than a bag of orcs, for certainly a hammer could likely find its way out of the bag more quickly." Indeed few orcs have any talent for magic, and those who do often make mistakes or judgmental errors with spells.


In a world dominated by humans and fairer folk, orcs are often regarded as monsters. Many orcs are members of nomadic tribes that inhabit the badlands and other areas. Others dwell in subterranean tunnels, having better darkness vision than men. Orcs also have a far better developed sense of smell than most other kindreds and generally have little fear of wounds or death.


Typical of the goblinoid kindreds, orcs are capable of wielding all weapons, and not just simple bludgeoning ones. They can also wear most body armor, and usually do. They are infamously known to devour corpses of their fallen enemies, and said to be as savage as ogres in melee combat.

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