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Hobgoblins are, a recently discovered goblinoid offshoot of the more familiar race of goblins. Compared to other goblins, they are little stronger and tougher than their cousins, but they are nowhere near as strong or tough than the savage orcs and ogres. Hobgoblins are just about the same size as a typical human, their physical prowess is very similar, and although they are considerably quicker and more agile than a human, hobgoblins are not as dexterous as their goblin kin. Unlike goblins, hobgoblins have a sensitivity to light, and have a keen sense of darkvision.


For a goblinoid race, hobgoblins are not stupid, but this does not mean they would be exceptionally intelligent compared to humans or fey races. They are usually not cut out to be powerful wielders of the arcane powers, but are smart enough to command dumber orcs, ogres, and trolls even if they lack the physical strength to boss them around by brute force. Pure blooded goblins tend to be slightly craftier than their hobgoblin kin.


Unlike the tribal organization typical of goblins, hobgoblins tend to be less organized as a whole. Rather than forming close-knitted tribes and clans, hobgoblins are more nomadic and less tribal. They often seem as savage and brutal as other goblinoids, having had to fight for survival in lands inhabited by those who would hunt and slay any goblinoid species to be found. There is particular animousity between hobgoblins and dwarves since they frequently inhabit the same geographical areas.


Hobgoblins are notably quick and agile, making them proficient fighters, thieves, and ninjas. Their good physical prowess grants them ability to excel in melee combat, and their adequate intelligence should not be underestimated when guile and trickery are required over martial ability. Like their goblin cousins, hobgoblins will not hesitate to devour the bloody corpses of fallen enemies.

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