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Half ogres are the hybrid offspring of the unfortunate union of a human and an ogre. They are stronger and tougher than nearly every other hominid race, with only trolls, ogres, giants, and pureblooded orcs being mightier than half-ogres. They recover quickly from wounds and physical exertion. Half ogres have normal daylight vision and struggle to see in total darkness.


Half ogres inherit much of their intellect, or lack thereof, from their ogre parent. While they are more intelligent than trolls and full blooded ogres, half-ogres lack the patience and discipline necessary for learning magical arts. Several years ago, the archmage Leo took on a promising half-ogre as an apprentice wizard, but dismissed his young apprentice when Leo learned that the half-ogre had devoured the archmage's familiar.


Much like ogres, half-ogres tend to be loners. Many choose an adventuring life, especially those whose talents are more aligned with the fighting guilds. Some half-ogres hire themselves out as castle guards.


Half ogres are naturally talented with all forms of arms and armor. They are known to devour the corpses of defeated enemies, but they mostly show some restraint to wait until all the fighting is over.

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