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Physically, humans are unimpressive when compared to goblinoids, but are the tallest of the hominids. Humans have varying pigmentation and skin color, but all exhibit a moderate to heavy musculature and are generally agile. Humans have average strength and a moderate tolerance for alcohol. Humans are prone to disease, but do live between 75 and 100 years.


Humans are extremely intelligent, the smartest of all hominid races. They are very adept at the use of magic. Humans are also intelligent enough to become very skilled in weapons handling with practice.


Humans are definitely social creatures. The use of their language having become the accepted standard between all races. Humans can detect all races but trolls in a general who listing, and tend to congregate and talk at any opportunity.


Humans, while exceptional at nothing, are perhaps the most balanced of all races. They can carry a moderate amount of gear, and are good fighters or magic users. They are dexterous and quick for their size.

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