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Dwarves are short, stocky hominids with a racially characteristic beard (both male and female). They have the best night vision of any race, and are among the hardiest of races known. Dwarves are very strong and somewhat dexterous. They have extremely well developed musculature. They are susceptible to most human diseases. Dwarves are comfortable in the darkness, but also in daylight. They can see perfectly in both! This is an unique advantage which only the dwarves have (the poor bearded guys can't even have the stomach to devour corpses you know).


Dwarves are much smarter than the goblinoid races, but lack intelligence in comparison to the other hominids. They are be no means dumb however. The use of tools and weapons come naturally to all dwarves, and they are very adept at caring for their own weapons. All dwarves are born with the instinctual ability to work metal and sharpen (use command 'fix' now!) their own weapons.


Dwarves are clannish and prefer the company of other dwarves. They generally converse in the dwarven language, but are adept with the human tongue as well. Dwarves are polite and courteous to other races, but do not go out of their way to be friendly.


Dwarves are tough and hardy. They can carry more than any race but trolls. Very skilled with weapons, dwarves tire much less easily than other races, and are extraordinary melee fighters. They like to drink and do not get drunk as easily as other hominids.

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