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thieves - Guild of Thieves


The Thief guild is perfect for players who enjoy a playstyle centered on stealth, cunning, and precision. Thieves are masters of deception and agility, using their skills to outmaneuver and outsmart their opponents. With abilities like "Hide" and "Sneak," they can move undetected, setting up perfect opportunities for surprise attacks such as "Stab" and "Strangle." Their combat skills also include "Trip" and "Hamstring," which allow them to disable enemies and gain the upper hand in any confrontation. Thieves can "Taunt" their foes to provoke mistakes and use "Warmup" to ensure they are always prepared for their next move. Additionally, the ability to craft and use poisons adds a lethal edge to their arsenal.

Beyond their combat prowess, Thieves excel in a variety of rogue skills that make them adept at infiltration and theft. They can "Pick" locks, "Disarm" traps, and "Steal" items undetected, making them invaluable in heists and covert operations. Skills like "Peek" and "Detect" enable them to gather information and locate hidden treasures, while "Conceal" and "Plant" allow them to manipulate their surroundings and mislead their enemies. Thieves can also "Appraise" items to determine their value, adding a layer of economic advantage to their skill set. With abilities like "Tlook" to peer into adjacent rooms and "Tmark" to secretly mark items, Thieves can plan and execute their actions with precision and foresight. Joining the Thief guild offers players the chance to become shadowy figures who strike swiftly and disappear without a trace, making them formidable and elusive.

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