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fighters - Guild of Fighters


The Fighter guild is the embodiment of raw physical power and combat mastery, making it an excellent choice for adventurers who crave the thrill of close-quarters battle. Fighters are renowned for their extensive arsenal of combat skills, including powerful attacks like "Bash," "Chop," and "Cleave," which allow them to deal devastating damage with various weapons. Their "Berserk" ability enhances their attack power, turning them into unstoppable forces on the battlefield. With defensive skills such as "Defend" and "Concentrate," Fighters can also withstand heavy assaults and make precise, powerful strikes against their enemies. Their proficiency with different weapon types, from one-handed to two-handed weapons, ensures they are always ready for any combat situation.

Beyond their formidable combat abilities, Fighters possess a range of skills that enhance their versatility and survival. They can "Rescue" allies from danger, "Intimidate" foes to weaken their resolve, and use "Adboost" to convert stamina into fighting power for prolonged battles. Fighters are also skilled in crafting and setting "Traps," adding a strategic element to their combat repertoire. With automatic skills like "Dodge," "Shieldbash," and "Unarmed" combat, Fighters are always prepared, even in the most challenging situations. Joining the Fighter guild is ideal for adventurers who want to dominate the battlefield with unmatched physical prowess and tactical expertise. Embrace the path of the Fighter and become a legendary warrior.

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