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healers - Guild of Healers


The Healer guild is a sanctuary for those who wish to dedicate their lives to preserving and restoring life. Healers are revered for their profound ability to mend wounds and cure ailments with spells like "Heal," "Cure," and "Unpoison." They serve as the backbone of any adventuring party, capable of providing critical support through "Partyheal" and "Farheal," which allow them to heal their allies from a distance. Healers can create protective auras with "Shield" and "Gresist" to guard against damage, and they can even resurrect fallen comrades, ensuring their team remains strong and resilient. Their divine magic also enables them to banish evil with spells like "Exorcise" and "Turn," making them formidable foes against undead and malevolent forces.

In addition to their powerful healing and protective abilities, Healers possess a wide range of supportive and utility spells that enhance their versatility. They can "Detectevil" and "Detectundead" to sense threats, "Calm" aggressive creatures, and "Light" or "Darkness" to control the environment. Healers can summon allies with "Summonsprite" or bring others to their aid with "Summon." With spells like "Refresh" and "Partyrefresh," they ensure their party remains invigorated and ready for action. The Healer guild is perfect for adventurers who wish to be the heart and soul of their team, providing unwavering support and divine intervention to keep their allies safe. Join the Healer guild to become a beacon of hope and a master of restorative magic.

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