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priests - Guild of Priests


The Priest guild is a beacon of hope and divine power, ideal for those who seek to wield holy magic and support their allies. Priests are revered for their healing abilities, such as "Cure Light Wounds" and "Cure Serious Wounds," which can mend injuries and save lives in the heat of battle. They are also adept at using protective spells like "Sanctuary" and "Protection from Evil" to shield themselves and their companions from harm. Priests can call upon their deities to cast powerful spells that banish undead foes with "Turn Undead" or smite enemies with divine retribution through "Holy Word." Their ability to "Resurrect" fallen comrades makes them indispensable in any adventuring party.

In addition to their healing and protective magic, Priests possess a variety of abilities that enhance their versatility and effectiveness. They can "Bless" their allies to improve combat performance, "Detect Alignment" to discern the moral standing of others, and "Remove Curse" to free their companions from malevolent enchantments. With the ability to "Calm" aggressive creatures and "Purify Food and Drink," Priests ensure the safety and well-being of their group both in and out of combat. The Priest guild is perfect for players who want to be the backbone of their team, providing essential support and guidance while wielding the power of the divine. Join the Priest guild to become a guardian of light and a healer of the wounded, bringing hope to the world.

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