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ninjas - Guild of Ninjas


The Ninja guild offers a thrilling and stealthy playstyle for those who wish to master the art of assassination and subterfuge. Ninjas are experts in blending into the shadows and striking with precision and speed. With abilities like "Hide" and "Sneak," they can move undetected and launch surprise attacks on their enemies. Their combat skills are unparalleled, with techniques such as "Kick," "Kistrike," and "Whirlwind" allowing them to deliver rapid and powerful attacks. The "Assassin" ability lets them focus intensely on a target, ensuring a deadly outcome. Ninjas also have the unique capability to craft bombs and caltrops, adding an element of strategy and surprise to their arsenal.

Beyond their combat prowess, Ninjas possess a variety of rogue skills that make them masters of deception and evasion. They can "Disguise" themselves to blend in with their surroundings, "Nlook" to peer into adjacent rooms, and use "Shadowjump" to traverse through the shadow plane, making them highly elusive. The ability to "Meditate" allows them to convert stamina into health and fighting power, ensuring they are always ready for battle. Ninjas can also craft and throw items with precision, adding versatility to their combat style. Joining the Ninja guild offers players the chance to become lethal and elusive warriors, capable of striking from the shadows and disappearing without a trace. Embrace the path of the Ninja and master the art of stealth and combat.

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