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prompt - Customize the prompt.


The prompt lets one know that the game is ready to accept new input. This command enables controls of the prompt so that it may be customized to deliver more (or less) information to enhance the gaming experience. Several tags are available that will provide key data elements on time of day and character vitals that could keep you informed which are described below. Additionally, this game may send a telnet GO AHEAD code, which will help some game clients, like Mudlet, more efficiently process how fluidly game content is presented with the iacga controls.

Name Description
prompt Display current prompt settings.
prompt text <text> Customize game prompt to <text>. One may include any of the pre-defined prompt tags listed below.
prompt iacga [on | off] Display, enable or disable the iacga (go ahead) code setting.
prompt clear Clears the the prompt setting. Does not effect the iacga code.
prompt accessible Sets accessible game prompt to 'Hit Points % Spell Points % Fatigue Points % ' for visual impaired players.
prompt reset Reset the prompt to the default '> ' and disables sending iacga code.
Name Function
<hp> Show current HP.
<maxhp> Show max HP.
<percenthp> Show current HP percent.
<sp> Show current SP.
<maxsp> Show max SP.
<percentsp> Show current SP percent.
<fp> Show current FP.
<maxfp> Show max FP.
<percentfp> Show current FP percent.
<time> Show the game's actual time.
<time24> Show the game's actual time in 24 hour format.
<tz> Show the game's timezone code.
<localtime> Show the timezone based on the player's setting.
<localtime24> Show the timezone based on the player's setting in 24 hour format.
<localtz> Show the player's set timezone code.
<wimpy> Show the player's wimpy % to auto flee or brave mode.
<enemy> Show the player's primary enemy's name while engaged in active combat.
<enemyhealth> Show the player's primary enemy's health while engaged in active combat (does not display for the undead).
<path> Show the coder's current working directory (for coders only).


> prompt text [<localtime>|HP <hp>/<maxhp>|SP <sp>/<maxsp>|FP <fp>/<maxfp>]
[1:30 PM|HP 50/100|SP 75/100|FP 100/100]
> prompt text [<localtime> Health <percenthp>% Mana <percentsp>% Movement <percentfp>%]
[1:30 PM Health 50% Mana 75% Movement 100%]

See Also

report, reporter, set, and timezones