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set - View and configure settings.


Personalize the experience by setting up various available configurations to enhance game play.

Command Description
set Display all settings.
set columns <# | default> Sets the number of columns for the screen. Minimum is 20 and default is 80.
set rows <# | default> Sets the number of rows for the screen. Minimum is 10 and default is 25.
set keepalive <seconds> Sets a keepalive time interval, where a nothing ANSI sequence is sent to the terminal. This may prevent losing ones link.
set reconnect <1 | 0> Sets how to reconnect. If 1, when attempting to reconnect and the character is still active, a prompt will be displayed to choose whether to throw it out. If 0, there will be no prompt and one will automatically reconnect.
set delim <delimiter> Sets the command line delimiter used to separate commands on a single line, i.e., look at tamarindo;worship tamarindo.
set sound <msp | off> Sets Mud Sound Protocol (MSP) on or off. See also 'help sound'.
set timezone <timezone code | default> Sets the preferred timezone so uptime, logs and other timestamps display as selected. See also 'help timezones' for the codes.
set colors <dark | light | revert | clear | player_name> Sets message and channel colors by a grouping (dark, light, revert, clear, player_name) which could be further modified with the 'set message' and 'set channel' options.


  • dark - Default colors for a dark background
  • light - Default colors for a light background
  • revert - Resets colors to previous state.
  • clear - Clears color settings.
  • [player_name] - Sets colors to match those of the specified player. (Note: The 'colors <player>' command will display their colors before setting them).
set channel <type> to <[effect] [color]> Sets channel (i.e., newbie, broadcast, etc.) to specified [effect] and/or [color].
set message <type> to <[effect] [color]> Sets message (i.e., tell, missedby, etc.) to specified [effect] and/or [color].


> set message tell to bold magenta
> set channel newbie to green

See Also

colors, columns, music, rows, sound, terminal, and timezones