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terminal - Terminal emulation for color handling.


View and set the terminal emulation for your telnet session to the game. When connecting, the game will talk to your client to determine an optimal setting.  For sighted players, setting 'xterm-256color' provides the best color range, while 'ansi' is also offered. Sight-impaired players using screen readers may with to use the 'unknown' terminal to reduce transfer of unnecessary color codes to your screen.

Command Description
terminal View the terminal emulation set for your session.
terminal [unknown | ansi | xterm-256color | xterm-grey] Set the terminal emulation for your session.


> terminal
Terminal mode is currently set to "xterm-256color".
You can set it to one of these:  ansi, unknown, xterm-256color, xterm-grey.
> terminal unknown
Terminal set to unknown.

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