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reporter - Customize the vitals reporter.


The reporter display may be updated to include custom text along with pre-defined reporter tags.

Command Description
reporter Display current reporter settings.
reporter text <text> Update reporter settings with <text>, including pre-defined reporter tags.
reporter reset Update reporter settings to default.
Reporter Tags
Tag Description
<hp> Show current hit points.
<maxhp> Show max hit points.
<percenthp> Show current hit points percent.
<sp> Show current spell points.
<maxsp> Show max spell points.
<percentsp> Show current spell points percent.
<fp> Show current fatigue points.
<maxfp> Show max fatigue points.
<percentfp> Show current fatigue points percent.
<time> Show the game's actual time.
<time24> Same as <time> but in 24 hour format.
<tz> Show the game's timezone code.
<localtime> Show ones actual time based on ones timezone setting.
<localtime24> Same as <localtime> but in 24 hour format.
<localtz> Show ones set timezone code.
<wimpy> Show ones wimpy % or if one is in brave mode.
<enemy> Show ones primary enemy's name while in active combat.
<enemyhealth> Show ones primary enemy's health (does not apply to undead).
<path> Current directory (Coder use only).


> reporter text [ HP <hp>/<maxhp> | SP <sp>/<maxsp> | FP <fp>/<maxfp> | Enemy is <enemy>  (<enemyhealth>) ]
Ok. reporter set.

Looks like this while in combat:

[ HP 141/322 | SP 331/331 | FP 213/266 | Enemy is Bruiser (slightly hurt) ]

See Also

brave, kill, prompt, report, sc, score, session, set, timezones, and wimpy