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where - Locate other players.


Display the location of a player or all players, if one is a high level player. The minimum level to use this command is level 10. This command costs 30 spell points to execute, or more if the individuals being located are higher levels.

Command Description
where [all] Locate all players. High level player ability.
where <player> Locate <player>.


> where all
You concentrate on the location of the other players...
Cujo          ( 73)  The Vicegerent's Office.
Filth         (133)  The Great Burial Hall in City of Ered-Mithrin.
Tengri        ( 58)  Out of reach!
Rango         (105)  Guild Chiefs' Storage.
Logic         ( 29)  A maze.
Gwyndaryn     ( 29)  Round Passage.

See Also

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