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scan - Inspect ones surroundings.


Look closely at ones surrounding room exits and visually scan for living beings. Scan with no arguments will scan each exit that is visible and not blocked. Scan with the "silent" argument or using scan while one is invisible will not let others know they are scanning. Scan with a direction, such as "scan east" or "scan e" will scan only that exit, should it exist and not be blocked.

This command requires 10 spell points to work.

Command Description
scan Scan each non-blocked exit.
scan silent Scan each non-blocked exit, quietly.
scan <exit> Scan only in the direction of <exit>.


> scan
You turn on your heels and mumble, "Scanning... Beep boop, beep boop...".
> [ HP 72/72 | SP 26/36 | FP 66/66 | Enemy is Nobody (-) ]
Your scan of the surroundings:

    Southwest : "Market Square" with Mayor, Steve, Leper
    North : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    Southeast : "Market Square of Tristeza" with Badain
    South : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    East : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    Northeast : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    Northwest : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    West : "Market Square of Tristeza"
    Up : "The Floating Cafe" with Harry
    Down : "Down the well" with Dog

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