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session -  Snapshot of characters progress.


Show progress from the last logon or session -reset for experience, kills, status, or training.

Command Description
session Display usage information for session command.
session [e | exp] Display experience points gathered this session.
session [k | kills] Display list of enemies killed this session.
session [s | status] Display logon time plus other statistics this session.
session [t | training] Display training percentages for this session.
session [-r | -reset] Reset ones session counters.


> session status
During this session you have:
  Last connected on Sun Jun 12 13:42:24 2022.
  Been connected for 1h 10m 42s.
  Made 1 kills (0 per hour).
  Collected 3.64M experience (3.09M per hour).
  Entered a room 5 times.
  Trained no skills.

See Also

kill, sc, score, and training