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training - Display proficiency to execute abilities.


Skills advance through training, enabling ones character to execute their abilities with more proficiency. By default, only 'active` skills are displayed. Active skills are those currently enabled to be used such as guild skills for the player's current guild. Non-guild related skills may also be displayed if they are enabled. To see both `active` and `inactive` skills, use the -all command argument. The -s and -bs arguments may be combined with other command arguments. The returned results do not display the parent skill.

Command Description
training Show skills one could currently use.
training <category> Show skills for specific <category>.
training <category.type> Show skills for specific <category> and <type>.
training <category.type.specific> Show a specific skill.
training -all Show all skills, able to be currently used or not.
training -1 Show skills to the category level.
training -2 Show skills to the type level.
training -3 Show skills to the specific level.
training -s <pattern> Show skills filtered by specific <pattern>.
training -bs <pattern> Show skills and parent skills filtered by specific <pattern>.


> training combat.offense
Your current active skills:
   Combat                         Bad                  57.14%
        Offense                   Nearly non-existent  40.00%
             Assassin             Non-existent          0.00%
             Kick                 Nearly non-existent  80.00%
             Kistrike             Non-existent          0.00%
             Throw                Non-existent          0.00%

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