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mysites - Login only from certain connections.


Restrict the connection sites that one could login from for the purpose of protecting ones account from brute force password guessing attacks. Where possible, add both the domain name (like and the numerical IP address space (like 205.188.*.*) to patterns. Ask (social engineer) an admin for help if you get locked out mistakenly.

Command Description
mysites Display current site settings.
mysites list [player] Display current site settings. Coders may add <player>.
mysites add <pattern> Add <pattern> to site settings.
mysites del <number> Remove <number> pattern from site settings.
mysites test Test if login is possible given ones current connected site.
mysites clear Remove ones entire pattern list (no restrictions).
mysites enable Enable mysites restrictions based on ones patterns.
mysites disable Disable mysites restrictions without erasings ones patterns.


> mysites add .*\.aol\.com$

Allows access from any host from

> mysites add

Allows access from any site that looks like, but allows also from,, etc.

> mysites add ^205\.188\..*

Allows access from 205.188.*.*

> mysites add 205.188

Allows access from 205.188.*.*, *.205.188.*, *.*.205.188,, etc.

> mysites del 2

Removes the pattern #2 (shown by the list option)

> mysites del .*\.aol\.com$

Removes the pattern .*\.aol\.com$

> mysites test

Try to connect from ones current site, testing against all patterns.

See Also

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