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desc - Control character description.


Add color and originality to ones character by setting a description. The description is viewable when other players use the look command directed at a character. The description is a maximum of 6 lines long and may not contain any control characters or escape codes. Each line may be only 79 characters long.

Command Description
desc Display the description.
desc clear Delete the description.
desc set Sets the description. Use '**' to save or '~q' to cancel.


> desc
Your description is: -none-

Use 'desc set' to set your description.
Use 'desc clear' to get rid of it.
> desc set
Your description is: -none-

Set your description (max. 5 lines). Type ** to end, and ~q to cancel.
Note that each line may have a maximum of 79 characters.
] Your favorite neighborhood administrator.
] **

Your description is:
Your favorite neighborhood administrator.

> look at self
Admin Tamarindo the orc is here
He is a male orc
Your favorite neighborhood administrator.
He is in good shape.
He is a member of the Fighters' Guild.
Magical plaid mithril slacks (worn).
Tamarindo is using:
Stylish dark sunglasses (worn).

See Also

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