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look - Use vision to inspect oneself or one's environment.


Look at the surrounding room, at an item, or player character. Look shows the verbose description of the room, item or player. Looking at containers, like bags or chests, also shows the contents of the container. When looking at an item, look also shows the estimated weight of the item.

Look does not work when one has the condition of blindness.

It is very common to make a shortcut command for looking at objects, like command l look at, so one could use l <object> instead of look at <object>.

Command Description
look Look at the room.
look at <me | self | myself> Look at oneself.
look at [a | an] <item | container | living> Look at the first object in one's environment matching <item>, <container>, or <living>.
look at [a | an] <item | container | living> [#] Look at the [#] object in one's environment matching <item>, <container>, or <living>.
look in <container> Look in the first object matching <container>.
look in <container> [#] Look in the [#] object matching <container>.


> look
Market Square, at Well and Gallows
You are standing at the center of market square, which is also the center point of Tristeza.
Two major roads, Main Street and Newbie Road cross here. At the exact center of the city
stands the City Gallows. This is also the location of the city Well. A map of Tristeza is
nailed into the Well. Suddenly you notice a rope ladder going straight up. A building seems to
be floating above the city!

The obvious exits are southwest, southeast, north, south, east, northeast, northwest, west, up
and down.
A trashcan.
Low yellow bronze bench.
High crimson stone bench.
Worn purple oak bench.
Low red mahogany bench.
New crimson oak bench.
> look trashcan
Look AT something, or what?
> look at trashcan
It is a green trashcan. You can toss unnecessary items and trashes into it. It is better to
drop them in trashcan than on the ground! To waste something into the can it you should type:	
toss <object>
Only things with a value below 20 can be dropped in it. For keeping the Mud clean, you will
receive 5 gold coins for each item you toss.
> look at bench
This is a Low yellow bronze bench. It looks like a good place to take a breather from all
violence of killing.
> i
You are carrying:
Lord's crown (worn).
A key to a private home.
Stylish dark sunglasses (worn).
The Amulet of the Dead (worn).
> look at crown
This powerful artifact is given to those mortals that have reached Lordly levels. Type 'lhelp'
to see the list of commands.

See Also

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