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command - Define desired command syntax.


Add, delete and display commands one defines in a dictionary of key-value pairs, typically used as a shortcut to abbreviate the amount of information being typed into the command line. One may add aliases into commands to create templates that make gameplay extremely effective. See also the help for 'quicktyper' for more guidance.

Command Description
command Display dictionary of command keys and definitions.
command <key> Display a command <key> if existing in ones commands.
command <key> <definition> Set a command <key> that executes <definition> when input.
command -clear Clear all command definitions.
command -del <command> Delete the command definition for <command>.
command -delim <delimiter> Display command delimiter (see also quicktyper).
command [-h | -help] Displays brief list of syntax.
command -hist Displays last 15 commands used.
command -rep <command> Repeats <command> or previous command (exit with '**').


> command tt tell tron
Command added: tt = tell tron
> tt hi Tron!
No player with that name.
> command tt tell tamarindo
Command changed from: tt = tell tron
                  to: tt = tell tamarindo
> tt yo Tamarindo, love the game!
You tell Tamarindo: yo Tamarindo, love the game!
> command -del tt
Command (tt = tell tamarindo) removed.
> command -hist
  1. tt yo Tamarindo, love the game!
  2: help command
  3: ooc collect up some misc for Halloween :)
> command -rep tell tamarindo
Repeating with: 'tell tamarindo'. Stop with '**' command!!!
> yo
You tell Tamarindo: yo
> wassup?
You tell Tamarindo: wassup?
> **
Repeating stopped.
> alias tam tamarindo
Alias added: tam = tamarindo.
> command kt kick tam
Command added: kt = kick tam.
> kt
You can't see any "tamarindo" here.

See Also

alias, dequeue, queue, and quicktyper