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cast - Cast arcane spells.


Cast arcane spells one may have in their repertoire of abilities.

Command Description
cast <spell> Cast a <spell>.
cast <spell> [parameters] Cast a <spell> with [parameters], required for some spells.


> ghelp disrupt

Ability      : Disrupt                           Ability type : Arcane Spell
Ability level: 1                                 School       : Evocation
Cost         : 15 SP/5 FP                        Cast time    : 1 round
Usage        : cast disrupt [<target>]
Skills used  : arcane.evocation.disrupt
Stats used   : INT, DEX
Storage      : spellbook, wand, trap

   Disrupt is the primary attack spell for smaller mages, but can also be very
   useful for experienced mages also. It disrupts something in the target
   without much consideration for the armour the target is wearing.

> look
Newbie Park
On the southern most side of Newbie Park is the entrance gate.  Several times a day students
of the senseis of the Ninja guild come here to show off their well practice abilities and
attract new members.

The obvious exits are west, north, south and east.
A ninja.
long sword.
A sign.
> cast disrupt monster
You speak some words in the archaic language of magic.
You moderately disrupt Ninja.
[ HP 552/552 | SP 456/471 | FP 316/321 | Enemy is Ninja (not in good shape) ]
Ninja missed you.

See Also

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