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transactions - Check banking history.


One may check on the history of their transactions across the world banking system.

Command Description
transactions [all] Display recent transactions.
transactions <bank> Display transactions for <bank>.
transactions -p <player> Display transactions for <player>. Coders only.


> transactions Bank of Tristeza
Transactions for account "Bank of Tristeza", created at Sat Dec 30 16:42:55 2017.
     Sat Dec 30 17:42:55 2017: Account opened.
     Sat Dec 30 17:43:01 2017: Deposited 2447(2447) coins.
     Sat Dec 30 17:44:53 2017: Withdrew 1400(1047) coins.
     Sat Dec 30 18:42:00 2017: Deposited 1255(2302) coins.

See Also

accounts, balance, banks, cash, close, open, and withdraw